Project Description

Vermont Distillery

In 2015, a rapidly growing Bar Hill Distillery began planning for a new facility which would accommodate growing demand for it's products and create a destination for the public that exemplified it's "land crafted" approach to distilling.The building reflects an urban industrial setting through the use of simple gable forms,recalling historic granite sheds and the use weathering steel siding.

Sustainable Design principles were incorporated into the project in a variety of areas. Stillage by-product from the distillation process will be diverted for use in a city owned bio-digester for waste to be converted to energy. The landscape design features both edible and flowering species to support pollinators, and a 73% process water usage reduction from the previous location was achieved through the design of more efficient process systems.  


The jury commented, "the use of modest materials and forms to reflect an industrial heritage along the river creates an attractive, unpretentious building complex. The simplicty of the building design and the effective organization of interior and exterior spaces was much appreciated by the jury. The presentation drawings offered a clear explanation of the designs from concept to completion".  

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Caledonia Spirits

Project Date:

October 1, 2019

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