A recently completed Wiemann Lamphere Project demonstrates a practical approach to sustainable solutions. Caledonia Spirits incorporates and exemplifies some of the things you can do to make your project more sustainable without breaking the budget.


The building and site are designed to integrate into the surroundings by using urban industrial setting through the use of simple gable forms recalling historic granite sheds and the use of weathering steel siding.

The site reinforces the ties to the community with a new municipal shared-use path and potential future light-rail along the existing rail corridor. We collaborated with the City created permanent public access to the Winooski River.

Water Usage

Through more efficient process design, Caledonia Spirits was able to reduce water usage by 73% compared to their previous facility. Stormwater is also pre-treated through grass swales to maximize infiltration before entering its retention pond, reducing demand on city infrastructure and possible impact fees.

Money Saving Sustainable Features

The building incorporated a variety of cost saving features like using a hybrid structural approach for the building’s frame. The Building uses two pre-engineered metal buildings, connected by a traditional structural steel frame connector. The PEMB saved design and construction costs while yielding a column free environment for their process equipment.

The buildings mechanical systems are high efficiency air source heat pumps that run off electricity. That electric cost is partially offset with PV solar panels. Space heating is reclaimed through a heat recovery Ventillator (HRV) to bring in fresh air without losing that energy, and heat from Process water is reclaimed and reused to preheat sequential batches.

Additional LED lighting and occupancy and daylight sensitive controls reduce cooling loads in the summer as well as electric demand.

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